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The Yamazaki 25YO 700ml

The Yamazaki 25YO 700ml


This is an elite bottle for those who demand only the best. Being a winner of the World Whisky Awards in 2012 for ‘Best Single Malt’, the Yamazaki 25 is a coveted and increasingly rare item.

Accented with fragrant woods like Kyara from Quercus oak barrels, as well as luscious fruit aromas from Spanish and American oak aging. It spreads smoothly in your mouth, with a mild sweetness, profound acidity, and bitterness, followed by a delightful oriental aftertaste.

Carefully select and mix exceedingly rare malts that have been aged for more than 25 years in Mizunara barrels, Spanish oak barrels, and American oak barrels. This item is only created in a few hundred pieces per year.


ABV: 43%

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