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Akashi White Oak Whisky 700ML

Akashi White Oak Whisky 700ML

$63.00 Regular Price
$56.00Sale Price

Akashi Whisky is manufactured at Eigashima Shuzo, the first Japanese distillery to obtain a whisky manufacturing license, in 1919. Akashi is made from well water of superb quality.

Series of same type of bottles will bring 


Stand out from other products and lead to  greater sales with other beverages bottled in the signature Akashi bottle


Color: Golden Light

Nose: fresh orange peel, very light smoke, ginger, pepper, honey

Palate: oily, pepper, sweet cake, citrus fruits, vanilla

Finish: middle to long, light honey, sweet after taste

ALC: 40%


Akashi White Oak Whisky 700ML

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